What is HTV?

HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) is the least expensive format for getting a design on a shirt. The vinyl is fused into the shirt fabric through intense heat. For shirts that are of any fabric, HTV can be used.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of dyeing ink directly into the fabric or substrate. For customized items with photos, this is the preferred method. Sublimation can be done on anything with a poly coating or polyester fiber. For vintage looking shirts, the polyester must make up 50%. For crisp and vibrant colors on shirts, 100% polyester fibers are needed. 

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is similar to sublimation, but it uses paint instead of ink and can be used on any fabric. The only drawback to screen printing for a small business such as Jen's Jollies, the design must be used at least 25 times to warrant the use of the screen. For bulk shirts like for companies, fundraisers, groups and more, this is the best and least expensive way for bulk fabric items while also being highly durable.

How can I get something made? 

I (Jen) am available by email about 20 hours a day. I don't sleep much and will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you send me your photo, design idea, or just an avenue to discuss (coasters for example, or perhaps baby gifts), I can work with you to come up with exactly what you need!

What can you do?

The easiest way to describe my business is like a souvenir shop, but with a sassy and personalized edge. Anything you would find at a souvenir shop, I can and will do. From keychains to wallets, shirts to jackets, and toys to knick knacks, I can do it. Soon, I'll even start offering embroidery services! We Texas girls like to monogram everything.

Why should I choose you?

I'm not going to lie, literally thousands of people in Texas alone can do what I can do. However, not everyone is as conscientious or considerable as me. I want to provide a fun experience and my repeat customers keep coming back because they #choosetobejolly. Plus, I tend to spoil my customers and throw in free gifts all the time.